Do you love to cook but hate to menu plan? Have you explored the meal kit plans (Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Home Chef, etc) but dislike all the extra waste and lack of personalization? Do you like to eat seasonally and locally? Do you have little ones in your house who are getting pickier in their diet by they day? Are you overwhelmed by all the health and wllness information out there that you don’t even know where to begin? Do you want to follow a specific diet but don’t know where to begin? Have you recently been diagnosed with someone and want to take the reigns on your health? Would you love to have a professional chef and nutritional coach at your disposal? Are you exhausted by even considering a week’s worth of food for you and your family? If any of this resonates, let me virtually swoop in to help you! M goal is to empower you in the kitchen: to equip you with all the tools and tricks and skills and knowledge you need to make healthy and delicious food for your and your family. Lessen the stress and increase the pleasure. After a few months (tops!) of my Weekly Concierge Service, you’ll feel autonomous and in charge of you and your family’s culinary wellness.


  • Wake up on Friday mornings to a cohesive, personalized menu based on the nutritional needs for you and your family. This will include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, as well as tips and tricks about streamlining your time in the kitchen.

  • Once you’ve approved the menu, you’ll receive a curated grocery list and internet sources to minimize tedium and maximize your efficiency.

  • Sarah will be available via text, email, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp and voices calls on Sunday from 10am until 4pm to answer any culinary and/or nutritional questions that may arise.


  • Weekly tailored menus by Sarah that address your nutritional needs.

  • Two new and unique recipes per week.

  • One-on-one access with Sarah to answer all your culinary and nutritional questions.

  • Tips and tricks about shopping, prepping, batch cooking and storing your food.

  • Ways to increase your kids’ fruits and veggies input that they are sure to love.