Body Image. Stress. Indigestion. Depression. Bingeing. Cravings. Postpartum. Autoimmunities. Constipation. Menopause. Trauma. Allergies. Fatigue. Insomnia. Acne. Food Sensitivity. Brittle nails. Thinning hair. Lackluster sex life. Unexplained weight loss/gain…

Do any of those words ring true in your life right now? If so, I can help you. The road to health is often detoured and windy — and we’ve exhausted ourselves trying to find the right cure, instead of the root cause.

My approach to nutritional counseling is unconventional, to say the least. In a phrase: Pleasure Heals. We will discuss macro nutrients and elimination diets, of course, but there’s so much more than that! Meaning: we must learn how to become slow eaters, feel nourished by meals, cultivate a movement practice, and create rituals to sustain health. THIS is how we get to the bottom of our chronic health issues.

Prior to your first session, you will fill out an extensive intake form so I can get a sense of your nutritional landscape, as well as your personal history, wellness goals, and dietary habits. We will then meet via FaceTime audio to create a plan of action for you to achieve your health goals. Bi-weekly appointments are recommended to implement and experience change. As this coaching is cumulative, I provide homework and exercises that we will discuss during subsequent sessions.

Single sessions are $150 and last one hour.

Pack of 4 sessions available for $400 (recommended to reboot your overall outlook).

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Sarah Pachelli provided nutritional education for overall well being along with interactive discussions to help people discuss specific and personal issues of body image, attitudes/beliefs about food, and the ever important pleasure versus stress equation!  Sarah is a studied and embodied teacher of embracing one’s own experience of feminine aspects and developing awareness of detrimental hyper-masculinity to develop a sense of an ever-evolving balance. She also provides well-informed, holistic, empathic attunement in her individual assessment of nutritional needs for each participant, taking psychosocioemotional factors into account. Sarah’s session with me pierced through my defenses and found a gem, a territory I have not been able to access in myself and my relationship to self-nurturing. I came away with a new perspective on my relationship to myself in this really integrative way. It’s a nutritional session, but it’s not just about food. The takeaway for me was about nurturing my truest, most vulnerable needs, and experiencing a connection to self. —RS                                                                                                                

Working with Sarah is like spending time with a new found friend, one that makes you want to tear down your walls and expose all your vulnerabilities. Not only is she brilliant and thought-provoking, but she is kind and totally non-judgemental, and somehow manages to hone in on the very thing you need to deal with - even if it is the furthest thing from your mind. She is a wealth of knowledge and helps you synthesize and make sense of the barrage of contradictory information related to all things food. —AB