Weekly meal delivery is available for the NYC area only. If you’d like to work one-on-one with Sarah, please email regarding her counseling and concierge services.


  • 3 bulk breakfast items (choose between smoothie or muffin)

  • 3 lunches (heartier meals, as lunch should be largest meal)

  • 3 dinners (lighter meals, such as soups and salads)


  • 5 bulk breakfast items (choose between smoothie or muffin)

  • 5 lunches (heartier meals, as lunch should be the largest meal)

  • 5 dinners (lighter meals, such as soups and salads)


If you’re looking to jump-start your health, reset your inner ecosystem, or reprogram your cravings, then this cleanse is for you. It isn’t about deprivation, starvation, or a quick fix to lose 8 pounds in a week and then gain 10 in two; it’s about boosting your metabolism; focusing on easily digestible (liquid) foods, and learning how to slow down and savor food. The menu is paleo, grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free, nightshade free, sugar free, and vegan (save for protein-packed lunch and bone broths). We focus on batch-cooking to make it easier for you.

30 DAYS PRENATAL ($2500)

Have you been struggling to get pregnant? Are you overwhelmed by all the contradictory information about how to eat to get pregnant? Are you newly pregnant and need to relax? Do you need to feel supported and nourished? We’ve got you, girl. Our body thrives as a fertile landscape to carry a child when we consume a diet rich in healthy fats, whole grains, legumes, and a lot of love. Sarah has created a four-week program designed to help women who are trying to get pregnant, as well as for women in their gestation period, especially during the precarious first trimester.


You’re about to have a new member of your family. How exciting! But now what? The journey isn’t over once you’ve given birth — it has just begun. At BENESSERE, we honor and respect this precious, precarious fourth trimester. Your food must take care of you so you can take care of baby. This is paramount. Stock your fridge and freezer with the most nourishing foods as you ease into motherhood. Sarah has created a six-week program designed to help women during this important transitional time.


This service is what Sarah has focused on for the bulk of her career. It is for clients who desire a menu tailored to their specific dietary needs. This curated experience also allows for weekly attention and exclusive access to Sarah via text messaging and emailing.


If you’d prefer to have someone cook in your house on a weekly, bi-weekly, or sporadic basic, that is now available! Please email for more information so we can find the perfect fit.


BENESSERE means “wellness” in Italian and that’s exactly what we’re about. Finding pleasure in what you eat. Getting nourished from your meals. Slowing down and savoring your food. BENESSERE was created by Sarah Pachelli after working as a nutritional personal chef for many years. She has streamlined her most popular recipes to provide individuals and families the healthiest, most high quality meals available in the NYC area.

We believe what we put in our bodies greatly affects outcome, thus we maintain absolute integrity by using the highest quality ingredients available. All fruits and vegetables are organic and/or local; fish is wild and sustainable; meat/poultry is grass fed/organic; and pantry items (such as grains, legumes, nuts, spices, etc) are organic and/or local.

The salts and fats we consume are equally important. This is why going out to eat, no matter the restaurant nor the order, is often destructive to our overall health. To adhere to their bottom line, most restaurants must use cheap salts and oils, which wreak havoc on the body when consumed in abundance. At BENESSERE, we exclusively use extra virgin olive oil and sea salt imported from Sicily, where we have a relationship with the purveyors and distributors. (Shout out to Gustiamo!) We never use processed salts, nor do we use low-quality cooking oils.

The pinnacle of our mission is using unrefined sugar. If our goal in clean-eating is to reduce inflammation, we must be mindful of our sugar consumption, as sugar — especially refined sugar — is the root of all inflammation, thus all dis-ease. We only use local maple syrup, honey (both Manuka and local), dates, homemade fig syrup, blackstrap molasses, and brown rice syrup. We never use agave nor refined sugars. We use monk fruit, xylitol, stevia, and coconut sugar, but only if it is necessary for a client’s curated diet in a detox protocol. (This is because, though the latter, aforementioned sugars are indeed low glycemic, they are very processed and not naturally derived.)

Menus are always refined sugar free and seasonally-focused. They are gluten-free and dairy-free, unless otherwise stated and upon explicit request. Legumes and whole grains are paired in moderation. Please contact Sarah with specific dietary restrictions (vegan, keto, paleo, AIP, etc), as the price will vary.

If you are interested in a weekly meal delivery program, we must receive your request by Thursday at 5pm EST for a pickup/delivery on the following Sunday/Monday. All allergies and dietary restrictions will be respected.

BENESSERE is based in NYC and delivers to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and New Jersey on Sunday evenings and Monday afternoon for a nominal fee based on distance. Pickup is available in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you or your business are interested in daily deliveries, please contact us directly for a special pricing.


Sarah is a lifesaver, literally and figuratively. I have multiple food allergies and eating was rarely easy or delicious until I met Sarah. I gave her a list of my allergies and I’ve been worry-free ever since. Her food is healthy, delicious, and tailored to my needs. Sarah drops off my food weekly. It’s so easy! Sarah is delightful to work with and beyond talented in the kitchen! —RK                                                                                     

I had the wonderful experience of working with Sarah the year I survived breast cancer. Sarah worked with me to create menus weekly that changed based on my ever shifting needs (cravings, aversions, etc). She made food that nourished me. She took the pressure of meal planning off my plate so I was able to focus my energy on healing. As if all that wasn’t enough, Sarah took the time to talk with me and really connect on a personal level so that she was able to coach me through and help me transition back to cooking for myself. She really got me to think about my relationship with food and that has been critical for me as I moved into survivorship. OH! And her food is damn good, too. —AJ